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Significant Events in 2005

On January 18 th ,2005,a meeting was held by JINGNENG GROUP, attended by the leaders of all the proprietary enterprises and the managing staff above middle-position in headquarters, where they discussed heatedly the developing direction 、 vocational focuses 、 enterprise cultural construction and so on, making the future plan for the company

On January 19 th , 2005, Li Fengling, the leader of the company with other leaders went to Inner Mongolia to visit Daihai Power Plant and other units.

On February 2-4, when Spring Festival was coming, a greeting team consisting of Li Fengling 、 Shang Heshun 、 Xing Huanlou and so on as well as managers of all departments was set up, the team was divided into four groups, Who visited many companies, including Jingqiao 、 Jingfeng, Jingxi 、 Jingneng 、 Gaobeidian Power Plant 、 Sanhe Power Plant 、 Shisanling Power Plant 、 International Power and Gas Company 、 International Power 、 Gas and New Energy Firm 、 Nite Company 、 Energy Investment Company 、 National Power Estate 、 Tianchuang Property 、 Zhangshan Power Plant and Shanxi Coal Mine in Shanxi province.

On January 28 th , 2005, the GROUP held the first Party conference, and elected the committee members of the corporation headquarters, electing Chen Yanshan as the secretary of the Party Committee of the company and Jiang Laikui as the assistant secretary.

On February 2nd, 2005, Liu Qi, the secretary of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee ,

gave the sanction for the reorganization work of the company: Wished the company to catch the chance 、 advance creatively 、 make great contributions in the field of energy.

On February 4th, 2005, Lu Hao, vice major of Beijing Municipal Government, also gave the sanction for the reorganization work of the GROUP and hoped the GROUP pay close attention to problems of energy--structure multiplicity and energy supply and construction in main regions

On February 6 th , 2005, Zhai Hongxiang, the executive vice-major of Beijing Municipal 、 Xiong Daxin, the dean of the Committee of National Resources 、 Zhang Fengchao, the secretary of the Party Committee of CNR and so on came to greet the GROUP and directed the general work.

On February 24 th , 2005, the Project Department of Capital Museum gained the building right for the Digital Beijing Building located in the Beijing Olympic Center nearly 100,000 square meters .

On March 1 st , 2005, the GROUP held the first conference of worker representatives since the GROUP was founded, which analyzed the current situation, identified the developing target and worked out the tasks in 2006.

On March 9 th , 2005, the GROUP held the first meeting of Union representatives, in which there were altogether 131 representatives, elected by all the basic committee by democratic process. Deng Tienan was elected the union chairman, Li Qingshan was made the vice-chairman, and Liu Ying was the dean of the first Fund Checking Committee of the GROUP.

On March 23 rd , 2005, President Li Fengling, general manager Xing Huanlou and others went to Chifeng city, checking the projects, during which they talked with Vice-chairman Zhao Shuanglian and other leaders, and signed the cooperation agreement of Construction Power Chemical Engineering Project with the local government in Chifeng city.

On April 1 st , 2005, National Development and Reform Commission checked and approved formally the Inner Mongolia Jinglong Generating Electricity Engineering Project by the document of (2005)551 belonging to Development and Reform Commission.

On April 8th, 2005, JINGNENG GROUP held a conference attended by the staff of headquarters, the report on the usage of professional entertainment expenses in 2004 was listened to and examined and the report on the work in 2005, during which the leaders of the GROUP signed the agreement to ensure to finish tasks on 2005 with the leaders of all departments.

On April 8 th , 2005, the conference of contract ceremony on the strategy management consultation and mobilization was held solemnly in the headquarters. Mckinsey and Jpmorganchase, the famous international inquiry organizations, became the inquiry organizations of the GROUP strategy management and reorganization for markets. The general economist, Meng Yuming, was assigned the leader of the Cooperation Work Team.

On April 15 th , 2005, the League Commission held the First Table-tennis Game named Cup of “May 4 th ” revolution” in headquarters, which lasted for a month.

On April 21st, 2005, the first wind 600MW generator produced by Datong Second Generating Plant in the second stage Project passed the test running 168 hours continuously and the GROUP owned 40% share of the plant.

On April 26 th , 2005, the GROUP held the worker conference of the headquarters. Li Qingshan was elected Chairman of the Union, Li Decheng, the vice-chairman of the Union , Zhang Jinghua as the dean of Funds Checking Commission of Union of the GROUP.

On April 28 th , 2005, the ceremony was held to celebrate the completing and putting into use of the first wind 600 MW generator produced by Datong Generating Electricity Co. Ltd, which belongs to Ministry of National Power

On April 29 th , 2005, the GROUP held the first representative conference of league members, the first League Commission was founded, Hou Bolong was made the secretary of the League Commission via electing by all the members and Li Chunhua as the vice-secretary.

On May 30 th , 2005, the GROUP sponsored the activity of “Month for Safe Producing” and the mobilization conference for ”Facing the emergency and spending the Summer”, The members from Bureau of Security and Supervision of Beijing Municipal and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration of the State Council attended the meeting and directed the safe producing work.

On July 11-12, the GROUP held the first Party member representative conference, the first Party members of the Party Committee and the first members of Discipline Committee were chosen. Li Fengling was elected the secretary of the Party Committee, Shang Heshun 、 Xing Huanlou 、 Chen Yanshan was the vice-secretary and the secretary of Discipline Committee. Jiang Laikui was the vice-secretary of Discipline Committee.

On July 6 th , 2005, the GROUP distributed RMB two billion yuan enterprise bond to the society publicly and appeared on market publicly in the stock exchange in Shanghai on November 25 th .

On July 16 th , 2005, Daihai protection construction development limited company in Inner Mongolia held” the Traveling Festival of Daihai” summer in 2005” and many other activities, including the wharf opening of the tour center 、 the sailing opening of the traveling boats 、 the opening of Daihai Hotel 、 foundation ceremony for the International Countryside Club.

On July 29 th , 2005, Hu Jintao, the general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, accompanied by Zhang Baoshun, secretary of Shanxi Province, Yu Youjun, agent president of Shanxi Province and the leaders of the company, inspected Zhangshan Generating Electricity Limited Corporation in Shanxi Province.

On July 30 th , 2005, the first wind 300MW generator passed the 168 hours test produced in the first stage of the project by Shanxi Zhaoguang Generating Electricity Ltd. Co. controlled by the GROUP.

On July 31 st , 2005, the 100MW Wind and Electricity Special Permission Project opened in Huitenggele, Inner Mongolia , which was the second Wind and Electricity Special Permission projects of the state, it will begin to generate electricity in 2007.

On August 10 th , 2005, Chinese Enterprise Union and Chinese Entrepreneur association announced the list of 500 strong among which the GROUP is 164.

On September 5 th , 2005, all the communists of the company had a motivation conference on the activity of keeping the progress of the communists in Lianqinbu's auditorium in the west of Beijing .

On September 29th, 2005, Zhaoguang Generating Electricity limited corporation in Shanxi Province which contains the company's shares finished the test of 168 hours smoothly of the second wind 300MW produced on the first stage of the project.

On October 8 th , 2005, Beijing Development and Reform Commission checked and approved formally Beijing Taiyanggong Gas Thermal Power Wind Supply Project..

On October 19 th , 2005, Daihai Generating Electricity limited corporation in Inner Mongolia got No.1 machine set to complete 168 hours test, began to running.

On October 20 th , Zhai Hongxiang, the Beijing executive vice-major 、 Xiong Daxin, the dean of Beijing State Resources Committee came to the company to inspect, asked the company's Mckinsey inquiry plan and the report on 11 th five-year plan and released an important speech.

On October 31 st , the Bank of China announced the permission on the exchange and circulation for the bond of the Beijing Energy Limited Corporation among the bond markets in all the banks all over China . The GROUP's bond will be the second enterprise bond for banks this year all over China

On November 9 th , 2005, Zhang Mao, the vice-major of Beijing Municipal went to Shanxi Province and Inner Mongolia with Beijing Government Greeting Team, inquired the No.1 machine set production and the construction spots of the second stage project in Daihai Gas Generating Electricity Corporation in Inner Mongolia.

On November 29 th , 2005, the No.1 400,000 MW generator with gas and steam united circulating passed 168 tests, running properly.

On December 16 th , 2005, the New Capital Museum built by the company was finished and put into use.

On December 17 th , 2005, Beijing 2008 Olympic Stadium's series equipment—Beijing Sun Palace Gas Thermal wind jointed supply project began. The member of Central Political Bureau and secretary of Beijing Municipal –Liu Qi and vice-major-Liu Peimin and other leaders laid the foundation for the project.


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