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Significant Events in 2006

On January 20th, the restructured plan on shareholders of the Tianchuang Property Limited Corporation belonging to the company was approved by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Beijing Municipal Government and passed the checking of the related shareholders' meeting of the GROUP.

On January 21st, No.2 machine set of Daihai Power Station passed the test of 168 hours began to be put into use. By then the first Stage Project including 2x60 MW machine set project and 1500MW transfusion route project of Daihai Power Plant belonging to Beijing Energy and Resource Limited Corporation were completed thoroughly, entering running stage.

On January 29th, the Second Period Project 2x300MW thermal power machine set of Hebei Sanhe Power Plant gained the formal approval of National Development and Reform Committee

On February 18th, the GROUP was named “the perfect enterprise in the electric industry all over China ” by Chinese Power Enterprise Union.

On February 24th, the company held a summery conference on double choice for common managing posts in headquarters, which lasted about two months from designing 、 forming to carrying out.

On March 1st, the second period project of Hebei Sanhe Power Plant held a solemn start ceremony in Yanjiao Development Area. The vice-dean of National Development and Reform Committee, Zhang Guobao, President of Hebei Province Government, Ji Runshi, the vice-major of Beijing Municipal Government, Zhang Mao and other leaders were present on the start ceremony.

On March 15th, the reforming plan was approved by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Beijing Municipal Government and was checked and passed by the related shareholders of the GROUP on shareholders of Beijing Jingneng Thermal Power limited corporation controlled by the GROUP.

In March, Beijing Energy Investment Company purchased 51% shares of Beijing Jiajie Boda Motor Car limited Company; the GROUP entered a new region of energy.

On May 15th, the 2x300MW engineering project of Shanxi Zhangshan generating electricity limited company controlled by the GROUP passed the checking and evaluating of “Chinese Power Perfect Projects” aroused by Chinese Power Association, ranked the top level of “Chinese Power Excellent Project”

On May 19th, the celebration ceremony of JINGNENG GROUP Financial Limited Corporation was held in Beijing followed by a news release, which indicated the first financial company of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Beijing Municipal Government started to function formally, suggesting the GROUP developed greatly in creating merge methods and connecting the producing and merging.

In June, the GROUP finished the purchase of 34% shares of Dalian Zhuanghe Generating Electricity Limited Company of Guodian Power Company, becoming the second shareholders of the company. During which two 600MW overlimited coal-burnt motivators were planned to make electricity by the end of 2007.

On June 28 th , Shangxi Zhangshan Generating Electricity Limited Corporation controlled by the GROUP gained the glory of “Leading Enterprise in Power Information Region” awarded by Technology Service Center of Chinese Power Enterprise Union. Development Research Institute of Power Information Industry 、 Chinese Information Development Union jointly.

On July 30th, Zhai Hongxiang, the executive vice-major of Beijing Municipal Government 、 Xiong Daxin, the dean of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Beijing Municipal Government 、 Zhang Fengchao, secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Government and other leaders of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Beijing Municipal Government inspected the Daihai Generating Electricity Limited Corporation and Daihai Protection Construction and Development Limited Corporation in Inner Mongolia.

On August 25th, the two 600MW machines set on first stage project of Shangdu Power Plant in Inner Mongolia passed the 168 hours test was put into use form ally.

On August 28 th , the newly-built railway from Yimin to Yiershi started to be built completely in the Hubutegai Tunnel.

In September, the company toped 142 in the 500 strong of Chinese Service Enterprises chosen by Chinese Enterprise Union 、 toped 91 in the 200 strong of Chinese Enterprise Efficiency and 195 of the 200 strong of the Chinese Paying Taxes Enterprises

On September 6th, the city vice- secretary Du Deyin 、 the communist secretary of the Municipal State Resource Committee Zhang Fengchao, the City Deputy Secretary-general Zhang Qing, vice- director of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Beijing Municipal Government, Shen Rubing, Gong Li and others went to the GROUP to inspect the owner-managing structure and the operating system.

On September 14th, the GROUP issued 2 billion dollar margin coupon successfully.

On September 20th, the 2 × 135 MW Newly-set up Engineering Project belonging to Inner Mongolia Chifeng Meiganshi Power Plant was permitted by National Development and Reform Committee.

On October11th, Jingneng 100MW Wind Power CDM Project belonging to Huitengxile of Inner Mongolia was approved by National Development and Reform Committee.

In October, the first period project of Zhangshan Generating Electricity Company was praised as “Chinese Excellent Project Prize in 2006” by Judging Committee of National Engineering Construction Quality Prize, only seven generating electricity enterprises in the whole country have got this unusual honor.

In other investment fields, BEIC owns the two largest venture investment companies, with its venture investment capacity ranking 1 st in Beijing and 3 rd in the whole country; it involves in active development of new energies and renewable energies. It has investment in the largest geothermal development company in the country; it has Grade A real estate development qualification and Tianchuang Property (600790). Its annual development capacity amounts to more than 1 million square meters; it is the second largest shareholder of Bank of Beijing, Beijing International Trust and Investment Corporation Limited and Beijing Securities Co., Ltd.

With the development of the economy and the guarantee of the power supply of Beijing as its own responsibility, Jingneng Group takes the “economic benefit as focus, market demand as orientation, and energy safety supply as goal”. Through deepening reform, innovation and development, and constantly improving its own operation and management as well as economic strength, the group makes efforts to build it into an international standard and modern large group company. Jingneng Group would like to cooperate with people of all walks, and make positive contributions to the development of Beijing 's energy industry and the realization of the strategic concept of “New Beijing, Great Olympics”.


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